F-Track Bolts and Wing Nuts
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Bolt & Wingnut 1/4-20 Wide Base Bolt & Wingnut Used for securing Panels to F-Track.

To figure out the number of hardware kits that you need use one of the following two formulas:

Florida Building Code. According to the code you need a hardware set spaced at a minimum of one every 12 inches.  Count the number of both full and half panes for the window then add 1.

(Number of panels) + 1 = Quantity needed.

BOCA. This Standard call for a hardware set every 6 inches. Count the number of full Panels and multiply by 2, add 1 set for each half panel and then add one.

(Number of full panels and multiply by 2) + (Number of half panels) + 1 = Quantity needed.

For additional strength you may choose to use a modified Florida building code by adding an additional set to double up on hardware sets at both ends of each window.

QB ID: FtrackBNN