BOCA Hardware, Covered Channel
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This hardware kit is for direct mount removable aluminum wafer hurricane panels. The studs are embedded in the wall with the machine screw portion protruding from the wall. When not in use they are covered with paintable rubber covers to protect the machine screws from corrosion. Covers are removed prior to the installation of the aluminum wafer panels, the large washer wing nuts secure the panels to the wall. Florida Building code requires a screw no less than every 12 inches, BOCA standard requires a screw every 6 inches.

To figure out the number of hardware kits that you need use one of the following two formulas:

Florida Building Code. According to the code you need a hardware set spaced at a minimum of one every 12 inches.  Count the number of both full and half panes for the window then add 1.

(Number of panels) + 1 = Quantity needed.

BOCA. This Standard call for a hardware set every 6 inches. Count the number of full Panels and multiply by 2, add 1 set for each half panel and then add one.

(Number of full panels and multiply by 2) + (Number of half panels) + 1 = Quantity needed.

For additional strength you may choose to use a modified Florida building code by adding an additional set to double up on hardware sets at both ends of each window.

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